Filled with Skill

Ever wonder about creativity? We take it for granted, but take a look around as you are on your daily commute this week. See that building with the really cool gargoyles at the top? It was designed by someone. That fancy sports car that gleams in the sun – also designed. That pretty dress, the book you’re reading, the sculpture in the park, that emotional poem and that ballet dance … all designed by someone. Someone dreamed it up, planned it, spent hours creating it.

I find joy in creating things with fabric…. anything with fabric where I can combine colors, patterns and textures to create something new that someone else can enjoy. It warms my heart to give the items I make to others, to see the happiness and joy it brings.

I imagine this is how God might’ve felt when He created the universe. When He formed the planets, trees, flowers, birds, and even the bugs. I wonder if he stepped back and gazed at the beautiful result of his efforts and knew that we would enjoy it too. God created each of us and gave us gifts, skills, that were intended to be used to glorify Him.

What creative ability do you have? Do you sing or dance? Write? Paint or sculpt? Sew or craft? I urge you to use it! Create, enjoy and share with others.

I believe that art, in all its forms, is one of God’s gifts and that our creations glorify Him. I believe that our creations point to Him and His creation. Ours are just a minute example of His power and ability – just look around at the beauty of nature! So fantabulously breathtaking in its simplicity, and yet so very complex.

We should be in awe when we look at God’s creations. And when we look at our own, we should be grateful to Him for giving us the gift to create in whatever form we find our joy.

“He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers – all of them skilled workers and designers.” Exodus 35:35

Quilt and Photo by Lisa Fahrenkrog

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