About Me

My name is Lisa Fahrenkrog. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, employee, former Marine – and, most importantly, a Christian.

This was not always the case, in fact for most of my life I was not a friend with Jesus.  I was lost, wandering through life, trying to tackle life’s challenges on my own, too proud to ask for help, or even realize that I really did need it. I smiled through pain, put on the “everything is perfect” façade and pretended to be as happy as everyone else appeared.

It took the loss of my husband, father to our three children, to suicide to bring me to God.  That first visit was not one of pleasantries.  I was angry and I blamed God for allowing the series of events that led to my husband’s death.  I was angry at myself because I didn’t stop him from leaving.  I felt like our children blamed me for his death and the guilt that I wasn’t able to prevent it was overwhelming. I was so lost in my own grief and pride that I wasn’t there for my children when they needed me the most. I said and did things that I am ashamed of today.

One of those missteps actually became a blessing to me – I fell in love with my current husband, who led me to understand that God was not my enemy.  Through his love and guidance, I came to know Christ as a Savior and friend, and through Christ I have changed so much!  I am no longer lost, wandering and searching for happiness in places where it doesn’t live.  I am a child of God, living each day with joy and the knowledge that I will one day live in Glory.

Please don’t misunderstand, my life is not without challenges.  It is not a sunny rose garden every day – gardens can’t grow without clouds and rain.  I am not perfect, I make mistakes every day. The difference is that I have a place to turn when I’m challenged.  I have a roadmap for my life.  God listens to all of my problems, and the Bible helps me to know which path I should follow. I reach out to my husband, my sisters in Christ, or our pastor when I’m confused or doubtful.  I pray about every decision, big or small.

Jesus is my joy every day.  My first thoughts of the day are prayer and time reading His Word, and my last thought is thanking Him for each and every moment of the day.  I want to live my life as an example of Christ’s love.

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