Jesus Prays for Us!

Note: I wrote this several days ago and it came back to my thoughts today as I was talking with someone I love dearly. I felt it should be shared here too.

What a glorious morning! The sun coming over the horizon after a night of storms always seems so much more beautiful– a symbol that all is well.

This week has been like that for me. Life as been crazy busy, my bones aching, things not going how I wanted them. Stormy, like our weather.

But when I opened my Bible today, the Son shined His love on me from the pages. More brilliant than a sunrise!

In John 17 Jesus is praying. For himself that God would be with him through his suffering; for his disciples, that God would be with them and protect them as they carried on Jesus’ work; and for all who come to believe in him through the work of the disciples.

Did you catch that? JESUS PRAYED FOR US!! You! Me!

John 17:20-26 is perhaps the most powerful passage of scripture we can refer to when we’re suffering with doubt, depression or fear. To know that Jesus prayed for us, two thousand years before we were born…. for US! He was facing death on the cross and His prayer was for us.

It is so humbling to know that even in the depths of my sin, Jesus interceded with the Father for me. He gave the Truth to the disciples so they could share it everywhere, and through their work we have received that same Truth just as Jesus knew we would.

I pray that we rest in the knowledge that Jesus is with us, in us. That He loves us as the Father loved Him, and that one day, we will see His glory.

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