Too Much Jesus For Me

Cards like this are in the boxes of all the pews in our church. It’s called a Communication Card and is intended for visitors to use when they want more information about God or our church, or when they want prayers to be lifted for them. One side is used to collect information – name, how to contact and what need they are sharing. The other side – the one pictured – is used to describe how prayer can be lifted for them.

This card was found in one of the pew boxes during a recent service and shared with me with the suggestion that it be thrown away; but as I read the words on the card I felt I had to add the author of the words, “Too much Jesus for me” to my prayer list and asked if I could keep it. I’ve been contemplating the power of this message for the past few days as I prayed for the folks who wrote both messages. The more I handled it, the more I began to see a bigger power at work.

In Gods’ providence, he worked this out so that someone who doesn’t know or understand how important Jesus is would write those words under the heading Prayer Requests and share it with a person sitting near them who responded by asking how much is too much and referring them to Deuteronomy. It’s very clear to any Christian that we should pray for the person who doesn’t know Jesus, and we should thank God for the person responded with scriptural reference. But what does Deuteronomy say?

Deuteronomy was written by Moses to the people of Israel to remind them of the wonders and blessings God had bestowed upon them despite their tendency to fear and mistrust God, and to encourage them to hold fast to their faith. Throughout the entire book you find phrases like “Do not be afraid,” “Remember how the Lord” took care of you, “Be careful,” “Do not forget the Lord,” “Pay attention,” write the commandments “on your hearts,” “Remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth,” and so many more admonishments intended to help them stay true to God. Moses reminded the people of Israel that God freed them from slavery in Egypt. That throughout their 40 year journey, God provided food, water, shelter and health – they never wanted for anything! Manna from heaven, water from a rock, sandals that didn’t wear out, feet that didn’t swell …. God took care of everything.

Jesus said “if you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me.” (John 5:46) Throughout the Old Testament, the prophets share that a Messiah is coming, that He is God who will live with them and rescue them from the evils in the world. The New Testament tells us that Jesus is the Messiah – Jesus is the fulfillment of those prophesies. Jesus is the Creator God, without whom we would not exist! From “In the beginning” to “Amen”, the Bible is about Jesus.

That simple blue card shows the need in the heart of the one writer, the faith in the heart of the other and the wisdom and will of God to place the messages on a prayer request to be found by yet another who would pray for the needs of all. That little blue card demonstrates the true power of our Lord and reminds us that it is all about Jesus!

My prayer is that each of you join me this Sunday to hear our pastor teach us too much about Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Too Much Jesus For Me

  1. So beautifully written, Lisa. I hope and pray that you are keeping all of your blog posts printed and in a book for your grandchildren to enjoy someday. There’s no guarantee computers won’t become a thing of the past.

    Love you,


  2. Pray that your honest, thought-provoking gift continues to spread God’s light and love. Your examination of the lengths our Heavenly Father goes to reach even one soul, by putting all the right people in the right places, is commendable. It’s the little things that bring about great work!


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